Nicole Kidman Cannes Opening Disappoints Film Festival

Nicole Kidman couldn’t catch a break from the Cannes Film Festival after her film “Grace of Monaco” suffered a bad opening. Some critics called Kidman’s movie a complete disaster.

On May 15, The Wrap reported that the film had already stirred up controversy even before its screening, as Dahan (“La Vie en Rose”) and the Weinstein Co. had reportedly sparred over whose cut was going to be released. And no sooner had its first screening concluded on Wednesday morning than a number of critics lit into the film with a vengeance.

In the film, Kidman she plays Kelly following her marriage to Prince Rainier of Monaco (Tim Roth) as she adjusts to royal life and severs ties with Hollywood.

“Strangely for me, the greatest highs have coincided with the greatest lows,” she told AP. “So (during) my professional highs a lot of times I’ve had personal lows and they’ve collided. That’s always aggravated me that it’s gone that way. I’m hoping one day I can have a professional high and a personal high.”

Kidman said she drew from her own life to empathize with Kelly, although they differ greatly in husbands.

“I am married to a prince,” said Kidman, who wed Keith Urban in 2006. “A country prince.”

Asked to respond to the critics, Kidman told The Hollywood Reporter, “Obviously, I feel sad because I think the film has no malice towards the family or particularly towards Grace or Rainier. It’s fictionalized obviously. It is not a biopic. There is the essence of truth, but with a lot of these things you take dramatic license at times. But I understand also because it’s their mother and father and they’re trying to protect the privacy of their mother and father.”

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