Nicole Scherzinger Taken At Gunpoint By Mexico Gang

Nicole Scherzinger Gunpoint

Nicole Scherzinger says she was held at gunpoint in Mexico by a ruthless gang after driving with the X Factor show’s choreographer Brian Friedman. They were forced off the road and intimidated by rifles and pistols.

Nicole and Brian were on their way to shoot her new “Try With Me” music video. Despite being in a bulletproof SUV, the thugs still managed to take over the vehicle.

They were basically kidnapped and taken on a five-hour drive through the drug-infested mountains of Mexico to the Xilitla rainforest at gunpoint.

“People next to our cars … There were M-16s and Berettas,” Friedman said.

Eventually, Friedman and Scherzinger were released unharmed by the gang.

“Nicole cursed me with this trip,” Brian added. “It was the craziest adventure ever.”

The past few weeks have been pretty crazy for the 33-year-old. Nicole recently split up from her boyfriend of four years, Lewis Hamilton, and has admitted she’s still in love with the Formula 1 ace.

“Everything is very recent, so it’s a sensitive subject for me, but we are good friends and obviously we love one another very much. That’s where we’re at now and that’s a good place to be. What people see is completely opposite to what’s real,” Scherzinger said in a recent interview.

You can catch Nicole Scherzinger on The X Factor this week.