Nicollette Sheridan Gives Testimony Over Marc Cherry Abuse

Nicollette Sheridan Testimony – On Thursday, actress Nicollette Sheridan took to the stand to testify in her $6 million wrongful-termination suit from the show “Desperate Housewives” against producer Marc Cherry and ABC.

The actress tearfully described a situation where she had requested a better, funnier line to close out one scene being taped on September 28th 2008. She said she asked Cherry to write her a better line for her “Edie” character and described to the court his response to her.

“He got agitated and annoyed and didn’t respond,” Nicollete Sheridan said.

She continued to say she asked him again after rehearsal, where she says he “got agitated” again. So she lead him away from a group to privately discuss the matter, which she said he became even more annoyed, he responded testily, “What is it you want?”

Sheridan then explains how Cherry slapped her in the head, by saying he, “stepped toward me and with his right hand he hit me upside the head,” she received a “nice wallop,” she explained

She said, “That was embarrassing.”

“I was stunned,” Sheridan added. “I couldn’t believe he just hit me, and I looked at him and I could tell he was stunned.” she said she shouted to him, “that is not OK, that is not OK.”

She went onto explain about how afterwards Cherry visited her in her trailer begging for forgiveness and promising to re-write the script for her. However, Nicollette Sheridan claims that after complaining to network exec’s about the treatment by Cherry, her character was killed off and released from the show.

ABC claims that the plan for killing off Sheridan’s character had already been planned before the incident.

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