Nikki Bella John Cena: Bella Questions Relationship During ‘Diva’ Filming

Nikki Bella just dropped a massive bombshell on WWE champ John Cena, and it sounded like wedding bells. Cena has been dating the Diva for a few months now after his own marriage failed, and he’s still not over it.

Some people could say that things are moving way too fast for the couple, and that could chase away the WWE champ is the pressure becomes too much.

Bella wants to know about the future of their relationship, and it was caught on camera during a new reality show on E! called “Total Divas,” which debuts July 28.

Cena is clearly uncomfortable with the straight-forward question, and that’s why he doesn’t give a straight answer, as he tries to change the subject.

However, Cena does tell Bella that “both marriage and family are difficult obstacles” for him — but eventually ends up coming clean about his feelings towards marriage … including his own failed attempt.

The timing isn’t right, but the relationship is still there.

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