Nikki Minaj Stirs Racially-Charged Parody

R&B singer Nicki Minaj has done well with her hit single Beez In The Trap and it has attracted a pretty fair amount of attention with its strip club video and a feature from 2 Chainz, but now the track has received a racially-charged parody.

It all started with a tweet by Minaj on Twitter. Here’s what happened.

Entitled “Beez Wit The Blacks,” the song and video is the work of morning show personality Jonathan, who frequently appears on the widely-syndicated Russ Parr Morning Show. Known on the show as the host’s “very white friend,” Jonathan flips the original’s sentiment to talk about how he’s in his element while hanging out with black people.

“Never liked grits, only Egg McMuffins, but now I’m eatin’ chitlins with some cornbread stuffin. Cause I beez wit the blacks,” he questionably raps on the chorus over the song’s Kenoe-produced beat.

While Minaj, who collaborated on the original with 2 Chainz, could have easily taken the parody the wrong way, she heartily approved of Jonathan’s comedy. “Wow,” she tweeted, blasting the link out to her 12.3 million followers on the social network.

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