Nikki Reed Speaks On Twilight

Nikki Reed Twilight – Actress Nikki Reed believes the success and happiness she has enjoyed in her life are the “pay-off” she has earned with her hard work on Twilight.

The 23-year-old actress recently finished shooting the Saga movies and tied the knot with former American Idol contestant Paul McDonald following a whirlwind romance, but she insists she isn’t living a “fairytale” because she deserves her good fortune.

“From finishing the Twilight movies to meeting Paul and having our wedding, it’s not like I’m living a fairytale, but when you work hard for things there’s a nice payoff,” she said.

Nikki will appear in Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 1 later this month, and she revealed her alter-ego is set to finally find common ground with Kristen Stewart’s character Bella Swan on the subject of motherhood.

“Bella gets pregnant against everyone’s wishes, and Rosalie’s life dream is to be a mother, so we find our one common platform with the baby and are on the same page for the first time,” she added.

Bella is set to tie the knot with Edward Cullen — who is played by Kristen’s off-screen boyfriend Robert Pattinson — during the forthcoming movie, and Nikki says the fictional nuptials were far more “conventional” than her own.

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