Octavia Spencer’s Plastic Surgery Planned This Year

Octavia Spencer plans to have plastic surgery this year to have her breasts lifted.

Spencer told Parade magazine that she was planning to have cosmetic surgery this year.

“I am going to get my boobs lifted. That’s going to be my first gift. I’m going to do that. I figured going into my forties, I want my boobs where they were when I was 17,” she said.

The 39-year-old is likely to have the surgery in November because she has plans until early fall to be working out of the country on a movie written by Diablo Cody about a woman who is severely burnt in an accident and chooses to abandon her religion.

“That way I could just relax until January,” Spencer stated.

In addition, Octavia talked about her most memorable celebrity encounter in Hollywood; it was Steven Spielberg. She mentioned how the multi-award-winning film director “was always smiling,” when she happened to see him.

Additionally, the magazine asked her if she has bumped into actor Keanu Reeves, who helped her fix her vehicle after it broke down, right after moving to LA.

“No, I haven’t, but I still go to all of his movies on opening weekend,” said Spencer.

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