Octomom Sued For Abandoning Stripper Job

The Octomom is being threatened with a lawsuit by T’s Lounge in West Palm Beach, Florida if she does not go topless. She canceled her stripper gig earlier this month after employees started talking bad about her in the establishment.

According to Nadya Suleman’s rep, a T’s Lounge bartender said behind her back “She must be a little crazy. Normal people don’t have that many children.”

True as that is, she didn’t take kindly to it and pulled out of the job, leaving fans to wonder what’s under the shirt before they can see the new porn film that’s being released.

n the wake of the potential lawsuit, her rep, Gina Rodriguez, stands by her client, and is insistant that Suleman left the job for legitimate reasons.

“Nadya will not be appearing at this club in July or in the future,” she said.

She would’ve gladly gone on stage, but “Nadya felt defamed and was in fear for her life to step into a club where they have already set a negative tone.”

Suleman plans to file her own lawsuit against T’s Lounge for defamation … because saying Octomom’s not normal is totally defamation.

Well, that’s not a new way to get money, but it is a way to be paid for not going on stage.

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