Octomom Gets New House, Pays Eight Months In Cash

Octomom has found a new house and a place to live with her children after her recent flick paid her enough cash to pay rent for eight months in advance.

She has faced controversy after asking her fans to help her buy a home rby begging for donations on her website. However, Nadya Suleman says that she is getting her new home with money earned in a porno of herself. This adult-featured film paid her enough that she was able to pay eight months of her rent in advance.

Rent for the five-bedroom, three-bathroom home runs $2,150 a month, which, by California standards, is cheap.

Suleman turned to a few questionable endeavors after suffering serious financial woes and going on welfare. She starred in “OctoMILF,” an adult video released in June, and even launched a brief career as a singer-rapper. Even so, no one knows what her future holds.

In another desperate attempt to make some quick, dirty cash, Suleman put herself up for auction on a dating site.

Her story is sad, but her new abode appears impressive. The backyard sprawls across 14,000 square feet and includes a gated pool and spa.

It all seems temporary, at least for the next eight months, but there’s a part in everyone that does seem sorry for Octomom and the things she had to do for the sake of her children.

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