Odom, Kardashian Charity Scam For Finding Cancer Cure

Lamar Odom and wife Khloe Kardashian Odom are currently being investigated by “Outside the Lines,” for running an alleged charity scam.

The television program on ESPN discovered that 115 high-profile charities run by athletes are having difficulties distributing their profits properly.

Odom began the foundation Cathy’s Kids, in 2004 in honor of his mother, Cathy Mercer, who died of colon cancer when Odom was just twelve years old.

The charities, including the Cathy’s Kid’s charity of NBA star Lamar Odom and his wife, Khloe Kardashian, may not be using the funds efficiently or effectively or even as apparently promised to donors, the report said.

Although the charity’s mission is supposed to be “making a positive impact on the lives of under-privileged children, as well as targeting a disease that has played a significant role in [Odom’s] life,” it only seems he’s kept up half of that bargain. Cathy’s Kids’ mission statement continues, “Lamar lost his mother to stomach cancer and subsequently is committed to help causes that are focused on finding a cure and helping people who suffer from the disease. Lamar is focused on ensuring that funds are available for under-privileged youth that live in the inner cities of New York and Los Angeles.”

It seems as though the NBA forward has some explaining to do about how his charity has focused on finding a cure for cancer.

Policy Mic reports Odom’s case reeks of flagrant fraud, and he should be going to jail for it. Unfortunately, charities are rarely held accountable for this kind of behavior. People have become inherently skeptical about the effectiveness and fidelity of charities, because of these infuriating “loopholes,” re-appropriation of funds, and sponsoring of activities outside the charity’s mandated cause.

According to an investigation by ESPN, eight years of tax records show that Cathy’s Kids “primarily existed to finance two elite youth basketball travel teams. Of the $2.2 million raised by the charity, at least 60 percent — $1.3 million — went to those AAU teams.”

Some people blame any scam on Odom and Kardashian as inexperience.

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