Ohio Dog Obsessed With Kids’ Movie Babe

Ohio Dog Movie Babe – Ohio border collie dog has become obsessed with the kids movie Babe. At the Foote Glass Company in Medina, you’ll find the most unique customer service anywhere. A friendly welcome by owner Anita Foote is followed by a friendly bark from border collie Jake.

Once you enter the business there is one thing and one thing only Jake has on his mind. He wants you to sit with him and watch his favorite movie, “Babe,” the story about the talking pig. Ever since Jake was a puppy, from the day they brought him home, he took an immediate interest in TV and especially movies with animals.

Once he was introduced to the movie “Babe” that became his preference and it is all he wants to see. Jake is 11 and a half years old and Anita and her husband have gone through seven televisions, 10 VCRs and 26 babe tapes. When Jake was younger he used to push in the tape himself and push the knobs on the VCR.

As soon as Dick Goddard heard about Jake he had to meet this special dog for himself. It only took a few moments after he walked into the store for the dog to make his move. Before he knew it, he was watching the movie with Jake, and it didn’t take long for Mr. Goddard to figure out Jake’s favorite scenes.

Jake doesn’t like Rex, the bad dog, and as soon as the show hits the fighting scene, Jake is barking at the TV and getting very upset.

The dog has brought a smile to hundreds, if not thousands, of people over the years with his fascination of the movie “Babe.”