Star Olsen Twins Dad Broke

Olsen twins dad is broke and facing foreclosure on his California home. The dad of the famous Olsen twins, David, is behind on payments for his property in Tarzana. David Olsen and his wife owe the bank almost $2.2 million.

David Olsen has filed for bankruptcy and is facing foreclosure on his California home. He and his second wife McKenzie will be forced out of the house on July 9 if they fail to come up with the money to settle their debt. Then the property will be sold off at a public auction.

This is not the first time Olsen has faced this situation. In 2009 he nearly lost his home because he had several tax liens. However, he managed to borrow enough money to keep him in it.

This time his situation is worse because he’s behind on mortgage payments and won’t be able to stop the auction, unless he gets his hands on $2 million. Ever since the genetically different fraternal twins were infants they have been rolling in the dough. They were hired as actresses for the show “Full House” at the age of six months and filming began when they were nine months old. Maybe Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen can help the poor dad.