P. Diddy Grammy Party $50,000 Event At Playboy Mansion

P. Diddy Grammy party can cost up to $50,000, but its all for the Angelwish.org charity.

The three-time Grammy Award winning rapper is throwing a post-celebration Grammy party at the Playboy Mansion where P. Diddy will host an incredible event.

According to TMZ, getting into P. Diddy’s black tie event will run guest up to $50,000, the price begins at $1,500, but it increases according to the services guest chose.

It has been revealed that the $50,000 Monster Cabana ticket will come with luxury services that include VIP admission for up to 20 people, 2 cabanas, free bottle service, open bar, buffet dinner, and 15 female models.

All the proceeds from this P. Diddy party will go towards the Angelwish Foundation for children who have HIV/AIDS. Their mission is to help the public with an easy way to provide wishes to millions of children who are living with the disease and other chronic illnesses worldwide.

After 10 years of focusing on HIV/AIDS victims, the Angelwish Foundation chose to increase their organization to include children who are dealing with lifelong illnesses like and kidney disease, diabetes, and asthma.

The 54th Grammy Awards will be Sunday February 12 2012, at the Los Angeles STAPLES Center. It will be hosted by James Todd Smith better known by fans as LL COOL J.

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