Paris Hilton Tries DJ Skills, Gets Booed In Brazil

Paris Hilton showed off her DJ skills at the Pop Music Festival in Sao Paulo, Brazil, but was booed instead. The crowd went into an uproar as soon as she hit the stage, but she slid on the headphones and danced as long as she could.

There was another problem. The hotel heiress never heard the crowd, until she started talking about how it was the best party in the world. Let’s just say it wasn’t that great.

Even so, she remained upbeat and sent out a tweet following her DJ performance debut.

“Wow! What an incredible night! So happy you all loved my set! Loved watching you all smile & dance! One of the best night’s of my life!”

Hilton was trying her best to win the crowd over by making statements like this:

“I’ve partied all around the world … to the best parties … but I’ve never seen anyone party like you guys do in Brazil.”

She also debuted a song that she created with one of the world’s most respected DJs, DJ AfroJack, And apparently it isn’t the only song that they’ve done together.

Hilton will soon release a new album with AfroJack. NME reports that she is also working on an album with Snoop Dogg and LMFAO.

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