Paris Hilton Police Car PSA Duties (PHOTOS)

Paris Hilton Police Car PSA — Community service. Paris Hilton is in a police car to conduct a PSA as part of her community service duties. She was arrested last year for cocaine possession in Las Vegas.

Most people believe that Hilton got off easy, from such a serious felony charge, but now she’s working on a Public Service Announcement as part of her community service.

Hilton showed up to paint a wall in high heels and posed for cameras. Can you believe that? Now, she gets to ride around with a policeman and film a PSA.

Photos of the filming don’t show much, it’s Hilton sitting in the front of a police car, lucky enough to sit in the front seat for a change.

The socialite may be trying to get all this community service out of the way because she said in an interview that she’s ready to settle down and get married. She’s been dating club owner Cy Waits for almost a year, and she turns 30 soon, so it’s the next step right? But before all that wedding planning can get under way — she has to organize her 30th birthday bash.