​Paris Jackson Doesn’t Like Justin Bieber Too Much​​

Paris Jackson does not like Justin Bieber, largely and ironically because he wouldn’t speak up about teenage girls cutting themselves, a revelation she told to one of the nurses where she’s staying.

Sources connected to the family say that Jackson, who is currently at UCLA Medical Center after cutting herself with a knife and downing 20 Motrin, thinks Bieber is a terrible role model for young girls.

She was enraged after some of Bieber’s female fans started tweeting about cutting themselves as an expression of love for the singer, and he went radio silent, rather than talking the girls out of it.

Jackson got very angry after seeing the pics TMZ posted of Bieber smoking weed in a hotel room in early January. She thinks he owes his fans more as a role model.

Jackson, who lives in Justin’s Calabasas gated community, thinks Bieber’s various missteps are “a disgrace.”

The word “hate” was used very clearly to describe Jackson’s feelings toward Bieber.

Take it as you wish, but shouldn’t Jackson be focused on her own life at this point? The poor girl nearly killed herself last week and is still recovering. It doesn’t make sense to talk about Bieber when Jackson herself has her own life to think about.