​Paul Guilfoyle Departs CSI After 14 Years​​

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March 26, 2021

Paul Guilfoyle is leaving CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, according to executive producers Carol Mendelsohn and Don McGill. Guilfoyle portrayed Captain Jim Brass since the start of the series in 2000.

“Paul made Captain Brass a standout character. He is not just an original cast member, he is an original. In a show about forensics, fans always looked forward to the handcuffs coming out, and Captain Brass putting his spin on the crime of the week, just as Paul Guilfoyle put his indelible stamp on the character and the show. He will be missed,” Mendelsohn and McGill said.

Guilfoyle’s Final Episode

Guilfoyle’s final episode will air May 7, which is also the season 14 finale. “CSI” has been renewed for a 15th season.

Sources say that it was the producers’ decision to write Guilfoyle out of the show, not that the actor himself chose to leave.

George Eads, who portrays Nick Stokes, is the only other actor who has been on the show since it premiered.