Paula Deen Fans: Deen Supporters Still Outraged

Paula Deen fans have been using social media to show their outrage over the firing of the cooking show host. The 66-year-old Emmy Award-winning television personality is receiving tons of support from fans, of all races.

Victoria Cook from East Saint Louis, Illinois wrote on Deen’s Facebook page.

“Paula, honey u listen up, as a black women of 60 as far as I am concerned u did nothing wrong. Hell at our age we are entitled to speak our minds and be honest about it lol, we are too old to be walking around trying to remember some lie we told so we would not hurt someones feelings. U hang in there and ignore the ‘stupid folks’ who put out there what ‘they thought u said’ instead of putting out there exactly what u said. I have been a fan of yours for a long time and I know you were not spouting racial context when u said what u said. I am old enough to understand what your meaning was behind what u said and there was not an ounce of bigotry or racism in it. Hang in there and know we still luv ya and hope you will keep your shows going. Isn’t it amazing how some folks try to do anything to bring down a strong woman.”

This is one of thousands of fans who have been encouraging Deen to stay strong during this difficult time.

There’s a rumor that Oprah Winfrey is trying to get Deen on her OWN TV network.

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