​Paula Deen Mansion: Food Host Lists Mansion For $12.5 Million, Looking In NYC

Author: Michael StevensBy:
Staff Reporter
May. 10, 2015

Paula Deen’s mansion in Savannah, Georgia, is now on the market for an impressive $12.5 million, according to Yahoo News. She’s looking for a brand new place to call home, and it could be in New York City.

“She has been looking at incredible apartments in New York City to purchase as a second home,” an insider shared.

While the price tag might sound extreme, this home has a lot of impressive amenities offered to the next homeowner. It’s being described as it’s own “private resort.”

The property features a custom-built French Caribbean style home with two guest cottages, a charming dock house and a barn. The home sits on a property that contains 5.5 acres of private living and inside a gated community

Paula Deen’s mansion is approximately 14,500 square-foot and perfect for someone who loves cooking and entertaining, according to The Inquisitr.

Outdoors, residents can enjoy a pool with a dive-in movie theatre. If it’s too cold to swim, there’s also the option to heat up the outdoor kitchen featuring three grills, one smoker, one electric oven, four refrigerators, an ice maker and a sink.

Inside, the future homeowner can make use of the exact kitchen Deen made countless recipes in. There’s also the private master bedroom that overlooks the river.

Perhaps the most surprising perk to the whole house is the 10,000 square-foot barn that features three bedrooms and an eight-car garage. The space can also accommodates up to two RV’s.

Deen has a busy schedule and needs to sell her home. Most of her business deals include restaurants, a digital network and a mobile game that make it difficult to enjoy the home she created so many memories in.

Fans may recall Bobby Deen’s wedding ceremony was held at the location and even Oprah Winfrey once visited during her talk-show days.

Paula Deen’s mansion is just too large for her these days, but she does plan to renovate and design a new property, notes Star Pulse. There’s still a hint that she may be moving to New York City, but only time will tell.

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