Pee-Wee Herman Brings Fun To “Top Chef: Texas”

Pee-Wee Herman brings fun to this week’s episode of the “Top Chef: Texas” reality cookie series on Bravo as a comical guest judge.

The childlike character portrayed by Paul Reubens, Pee-Wee Herman, made a surprise visit to the show. However, he left behind his childish personality and strange inventions.

Herman appeared to be pleased with the five contestants who made it through the previous challenge, which had them serving up pancakes. Edward Lee, 39, from Louisville, KY won the challenge and $5,000; he is a self taught executive chef and owns his own fine dining restaurant.

The contestants were definitely aware that there was no immunity available this week, and they worked extremely hard during the elimination round. All of them were taken back to the Alamo, which is where the competition originally began.

Just for the fun of it Pee-wee sent them shopping by way of bicycle, and they even had to find a restaurant that would allow them to cook in their kitchen. Once their dishes were complete they would then have to rush back to the Alamo. Ironically, even though all the chefs worked separately they all served up chicken dishes.

Lindsay Autry, 29, from Palm Beach, FL was the winner of this competition, and Grayson Schmitz was sent back home to New York.

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