Penny Marshall Conned Out Of Money By Odom’s Assistant

An alleged assistant to Khloe Kardashian’s husband Lamar Odom has conned actress turned producer and director Penny Marshall out of a significant sum of money after a series of texts.

Apparently, Marshall had been attending a Los Angeles Lakers basketball game last month, when the man sitting next to her struck up a conversation with her and claimed he was Odom’s assistant. Thinking the man was telling the truth, Marshall obtained a phone number from the alleged assistant whom she was told was working for Odom.

After a series of texts over the next few days between Marshall and who she thought was Odom, she was asked to loan the assistant $5,000, which she agreed to do.

Later after giving the supposed assistant the money and the texts stop coming from the person she thought was Odom, she contacted the real Lamar, to which he informed her, he doesn’t have an assistant.

Now the 69-year-old Marshall has reported the scam to the police, and the LAPD was said to be opening a grand theft investigation.

It was not known if there was a reason given as to why someone like Lamar Odom would need to ask for a $5,000 loan or if Marshall questioned it before paying the money.

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