Phillip Phillips Health Problems Growing Worse

There are growing concerns for Phillip Phillips, the American Idol 2012 contestant who made it to the finals, after new reports surfaced about his health problems with his kidneys. Phillips was hospitalized earlier in the season, but the visit was brief.

However, his doctors are asking him to have surgery to treat a kidney problem, but the singer has been doing everything to stall the procedure.

A source on the matter spoke to TMZ and stated that a family doctor met with Phillips when he returned to his Georgia hometown last week. He has severe kidney issues that prompt immediate surgery, the source said, and the singer is not eating or sleeping properly as a result. The source added that the illness has taken a serious toll on his health for the worse.

Phillips would have to quit the talent show to have surgery now, and that’s something he’s not willing to do.

When he was hospitalized earlier in the season, doctors placed a temporary stent in him to tide him over until he could have a full surgery, but apparently the stent isn’t working.

Phillips plans to undergo the necessary surgery after the American Idol 2012 finale, and his recovery time is expected to last six weeks.

Some of his symptoms include dry mouth, which does impact his singing, and he recently missed some video shoots and a Ford production appointment for a commercial because he was tired.

Phillips has many fans and a growing community of supporters who are more worried about his health than winning the FOX talent show.

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