Phillip Phillips Goes Into Surgery For Illness

Having to deal with an illness throughout the past season of American Idol paid off for eventual winner Phillip Phillips, who now plans to have kidney surgery to cure the problem that sent him to the hospital early in the final round of the singing competition.

In March Phillips had suffered severe abdominal pain and was taken to the hospital where doctors recommended he have surgery, but has since kept quiet about the life-threatening kidney decease. Phillips opted to wait until his run on the show was over to have the necessary procedure not wanting it to force him to quit.

After the ‘Idol’ finale the 21-year-old Phillips told TMZ, “Yeah, I’ve been sick the whole show.”

E! News reports that Phillips will undergo kidney surgery in his home state of Georgia after completing publicity duties following Wednesday night’s season finale, but before the Summer American Idol tour kicks off.

Due to recovery time, Phillips is expected to miss at least the first one or two dates on the tour, but should be fine to join the other top 10 finalists after that.

Phillips had also actually graduated from Albany Technical College with a major in Industrial Systems Technology, but missed the graduation ceremony due to his obligations to American Idol.

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