Phillip Phillips Undergoes Surgery After Winning American Idol

Phillip Phillips spent many weeks in pain because of kidney problems in the final rounds of American Idol this past season, but he finally undergoes the surgery that he so desperately needed.

Though Phillips was absent for one week of competition early in the finals over what was called a health issue, he came back and finished the competition and eventually was named the winner. He nor the show’s producers ever disclosed what his issue was until after it ended two weeks ago.

Then it was learned Phillips had to have procedures done eight times during the rest of the season in order to remove massive build-ups of stones that had continually developed due to a congenital condition and were too large to pass.

A larger surgery was needed in order to correct the condition, but Phillips decided to postpone it knowing it would cause him to be removed from competition. It was scheduled to happen last week, but due to a sinus infection and a fever had to be postponed once again.

Finally, on Wednesday of this week, he had the six and a half hour-long surgery and is said to be doing well.

“Surgery went well, he’s resting and will be ready for the Idol tour kick off in July!,” Leslie Fradkin, a representative for Idol producers 19 Entertainment, told THR.

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