Pink Out Of Presidential Performance After Hospitalization

Pink was to perform at a presidential fundraiser in Los Angeles on Wednesday night to lend her support to Barrak Obama’s re-election effort, but has now been forced to cancel the appearance after being hospitalized.

The details on why Pink was hospitalized were not revealed, other then that she was admitted to the hospital in ill health over the weekend.

The event was a LGBT fundraiser gala to raise money to be given to the president’s campaign for re-election, and “Glee” star Darren Criss will make a last minute fill in for Pink.

After becoming ill, Pink tweeted a message Monday about the cancellation and thanked Criss for filling in on such short notice. “I’m so bummed I can’t perform for The President of the United States this Wed night. Thanx Darren Criss for filling in for me!!

The illness and hospitalization also caused Pink to miss her daughter’s first birthday which she also tweeted about. “Bad timing. Now I’ve let down my daughter and the President. Wow. Great week. However, Willow just got a Gucci dress and a custom rocking chair for her birthday, plus some Toms (shoes), so it ain’t all bad. Lucky little girl… I think I got a bag of Cheetos and a teddy bear for my 1st birthday.”

Criss is best known for portraying Blaine Anderson, an openly gay high-school student, on the FOX television series “Glee.”

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