Pippa Middleton Spending More Time Prince Harry

Pippa Middleton could be seeing fireworks with Prince Harry. The two have been spending a lot of quality time together. The two were seen eating muffins and jam together and sharing tea.

In fact, it’s starting to look like romance could be on the cards for Pippa and Harry. It seems that they have been meeting up at The Troubador pub in London’s Chelsea. While they have tried to keep this a secret, they went to a public place.

“They were alone, with no one else near to them. Everyone left them alone as this is the sort of place you can come to and escape from the rest of the world when you are inside,” a witness said.

Pippa and Harry had apparently become very close during the wedding planning stages for Prince William and Pippa’s sister Kate. There were daily phone conversations which continued even after they all walked down the aisle. That’s when people began speculating about the two.

When Pippa Middleton had those naughty poses circulating the Internet it seemed as if she and Prince Harry had one more thing she has in common. His photos were released a few years ago.