Pippa Middleton Moving Away From Royal Family

There is a harsh reality coming for the Royal Family in England because Pippa Middleton could be moving away from her heritage country to the United States to escape, a source told the British magazine Grazia.

The source claims that Pippa is running away from the British paparazzi that has hounded her since her sister Kate married Prince William.

“Pippa had been considering a move to Paris,” a source told Grazia. “But now that that’s off the list she has been investigating her options in America.”

The magazine quotes the source as adding, “She would love to move to New York as she’ll be spending time there when her book launches in autumn.”

The book the source is referring to is called “Celebrate,” and it is a book on party-planning, written by Middleton; it is scheduled to be published this October.

“As sister to Kate Middleton, there’s no escaping the fact that Pippa attracts all the attention of a young royal, without the official duties or security that comes with being in The Firm. Palace officials are even said to refer to the ‘Pippa Problem,'” The British fashion magazine reported.

The source also indicated that the recent toy gun incident in Paris was a complete embarrassment to the Royal family and as a result, Middleton has been exiled from the inner social circle.

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