Pippa Middleton Reveals Somber As She Steps Out

Everyone wanted to know when Pippa Middleton would be seen again after that whole gun incident that occurred last week in Paris, but she finally steps out and walked around in Central London over the weekend. Middleton roamed the shops as she kept a more somber appearance than usual. Sources say that the incident, which is now being dubbed as “Gungate,” was a “big wakeup call” for the Duchess of Cambridge.

She made at least one trip to the Rossano Ferretti Hair Spa, and the entire outing was a bit weird because she is usually bubbly around the cameras, but this time she was doing everything possible to avoid them.

There are a few problems with the Gungate reports.

The photo was an embarrassment to the royal family, but it wasn’t Pippa who held the gun, and the media is creating a stir with it because she laughed.

For all we know, it was a toy water gun, and she thought her companion was going to squirt her with it, which would explain the laugh.

It’s blown out of proportion because she’s the beautiful sister in the royal family and there’s the one big factor that drama does sell for the tabloids.

Perhaps she should think about the type of people she’s involved with. They should know that she will be followed by the media. And because they seem amateur about it, they did something stupid that caused Middleton to be the real target.

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