Pitbull Walmart Promotion Gets Hijacked When Fans Point To Alaska

Pitbull is going to a Walmart in the remote region of Kodiak, Alaska, that’s if Internet pranksters get their way after gaming the Energy Sheets tongue strips promotion.

The “Hey Baby (Drop It To The Floor)” recording artist agreed to the promotion in which he would pay a visit to the Walmart store in the United States that received the largest amount of “likes” on its local Facebook page within a 28-day period, which ends on July 15th.

“As of Tuesday afternoon, the leader was a Walmart in Kodiak, Alaska, with more than 48,500 likes – roughly eight times its population of about 6,000 people,” stated Walmart spokeswoman Sarah Spencer, on Tuesday July 3.

Apparently, a blogger found out about the contest and jokingly suggested that internet users could come together in an effort to send Pitbull to Kodiak, which is one of Walmart’s most isolated locations according to a marketing company that is involved with the promotion. The crazy idea not surprisingly made its way to Twitter with the hashtag #ExilePitbull.

“Mr. Worldwide,” seemed to be up for the challenge when he was told about the prank. He even took to Twitter about the idea of the visit.

“I hear there’s bear repellant at Kodiak, Alaska,” Pitbull tweeted Saturday. On Sunday, he tweeted, “Picture me with a Kodiak…Ha!” – an homage to a “Give Me Everything” lyric “take a picture of me with a Kodak.”

“I’ve known Pitbull for a few years now, and he’s up for a party – whether it’s around the corner, or you have to get there by three planes and a boat in between, as I understand it takes to get to Kodiak,” said Warren Struhl, founder and CEO of Sheets Brand, the Energy Sheets maker.

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