Portia De Rossi New Short Haircut Approved By Ellen

Ellen DeGeneres recently went on the new Bethenny Frankel talk show to say she approves of and loves her girlfriend Portia De Rossi’s new short haircut and that is something the model has wanted to do for a long time.

The Australian native, De Rossi had been known for her long blonde hair, which landed her a job doing commercials for Loreal, where she would whip her long hair around, and also in “Ally McBeal,” her character Nelle Porter would unpin her bun and shake out her long, beautiful hair for dramatic effect.

“[Portia] wanted to do it for a long time and grew up modeling, and of course you’re supposed to have long hair,” DeGeneres explained. “Everyone told her never to cut her hair. I think it just got to be part of her.

Ellen said she wasn’t involved in the decision Portia made to cut her hair, saying her partner has been feeling more liberated lately, after recently getting her first tattoo, but called the new do “adorable.”

Early in her career she had cut her hair and revealed to Glamour magazine years ago that afterwards she realized she didn’t like having short hair. “I loved it for about three days. Hair has a certain power I was not aware of,” she said.

The interview with Ellen will air on Tuesday on Fox on the Frankel talk show.

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