Prince William’s All Night Out Party In Mayfair

It is rare to see Prince William out at any time of night and that’s been especially true since he married Kate Middleton last year, which is why it was surprising to see him at a private member’s club in Mayfair.

The Royal couple are said to prefer nights in front of the TV watching their favourite DVDs and eating home-cooked meals at their Anglesey home rather than enjoying a night on the tiles.

The Prince, who was not joined by his 30-year-old wife, was flanked by Royal protection officers and left the club looking rather bleary eyed in the early hours.

Harry will no doubt be pleased as he recently bemoaned his brother’s quieter life and remarked William had become rather boring.

William is clearly getting some practice in as he is due to celebrate turning 30 on June 21 and wife Kate is said to be planning a party ‘fit for a king’.

She is thought to be discussing ideas with some of William’s closest friends and hopes to throw a party he’ll never forget.

Earlier on Saturday the Prince was joined by Kate and brother Harry at the wedding of cousin Lady Emily McCorquodale to James Hutt.

Also spotted leaving the private member’s club was British actress Naomi Watts and husband Liev Schreiber.

Watts has been chosen to play Princess Diana in a film about the final two years of her life.

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