​Rancic Talking About Having Another Kid

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Aug. 6, 2014

Giuliana Rancic is ready to have another kid, but her husband isn’t quite there yet. The E! News cohost recently attended the Huggies’ Baby2Baby event where Rancic helped families who need help stocking up on baby supplies.

Rancic Wants Another Kid

“I definitely want to have another kid soon,” she said. “I’m ready, but Bill’s the one not ready to pull the trigger yet.”

However, Giuliana admits that she and hubby Bill Rancic know that having just one is time-consuming.

“Honestly, I think it’s a lot harder than I thought it was going to be, just because you want to be such a good parent, you love your kid so much–but it’s hard when you have a career and a husband and friends. It’s hard to juggle it all.”

Giuliana also revealed that she didn’t even know that Duke had said his first word until she watched it happen on Style’s Giuliana & Bill.

“Bill is holding Duke and he goes, ‘buh-bye.’ I’m not kidding. You can rewind it!” she said. 

“I rewound it a hundred times and you can hear it. The best part is, I had to watch the show to know that my son said his first word–because my husband forgot to tell me,” Giuliana complained comically.

“[Bill] goes, ‘Well I didn’t think he really said it.’ And I go, ‘Bill, watch the show he says it.’ So I rewound it for Bill, he’s like, ‘Oh my god, you’re right, he has said his first word. I forgot to tell you.’ Yeah, so my husband forgot to tell me that my son said his first word.” 

All is forgiven; however, and the whole family will be in Chicago at Bill’s sister’s lake house to celebrate Duke’s real birthday. They pre-celebrated with a big Western-themed bash with their L.A. friends in Malibu on Aug. 11.

“We’re going to go tubing and water skiing, and when I say ‘we’–Duke and Bill,” Giuliana laughed. “I will not be doing any of those things.”

Giuliana was also in Chicago recently for her own birthday, but her L.A. pals came to her as a surprise.

“We just had a crazy, crazy birthday party at RPM Italian, our restaurant,” she recalled. “One of Bill’s friends also surprised me, he brought his guitar and we were all singing and dancing, and it was incredible…Then six bottles of champagne came out and people were spraying stuff. I felt like Diddy was going to walk in any second.”

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