Rapper Big Sean Goes To Court

In a New York courtroom Wednesday facing a sexual assault charge stemming from an August incident, Detroit rapper Big Sean plead guilty to a lesser charge and was fined $750. The rapper and his tour mate Willie “Say It Ain’t Tone” Hansbro, both 23, were charged with sexually abusing a 17-year-old fan at an Aug. 4 concert, according to reports. They faced charges of third-degree sexual abuse, forcible touching and second-degree unlawful imprisonment, according to BuffaloNews.com.

“I am pleased to announce that after further investigation, the Niagara County District Attorney’s Office decided not to pursue any of the sexual misconduct allegations against Mr. Anderson,” said Anderson’s lawyer, Scott Leemon, according to XXLMag.com. “As a result, in order to get this entire ordeal behind him, Mr. Anderson agreed to plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge of unlawful imprisonment with a $750 fine. Mr. Anderson regrets any misunderstandings that occurred that day and reiterates he did not engage in any type of sexual misconduct.”

Hansbro accepted the same plea deal, according to reports. The two paid the fines on the spot and left the courtroom-free men.

Rapper Big Sean Secures Deal With District Attorney

Deputy District Attorney Holly Sloma said that, “This was a fair resolution to the victim which allowed us to get a criminal conviction and an acceptance of responsibility for what occurred that night. This will allow the victim to move forward, which is what she wants to do.”

Reading the sentence, Lewiston Town Justice Hugh Gee told the two suspects that they should realize that their attorneys did a good job in securing the deal for them.

Rapper Big Sean is currently on a nationwide tour in support of his debut album “Finally Famous.” He is due to perform at the Detroit stop of Jay-Z and Kanye West’s tour, Nov. 26 at the Palace of Auburn Hills.

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