Reality Show About Todd Palin – Good Or Bad Idea?

Reality Show About Todd Palinn – Todd and Sarah Palin have been trying to shop a new reality show focused more on the husband of the former vice-presidential candidate and his snowmobile racing.

This is either a good or bad idea because we know Sarah will be in there somewhere — she’s lost without the cameras.

There hasn’t been any buyers, even though it’s a great idea to feature something as a winter sport as the season arrives.

The Palins had already been showcased in one reality show called “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” on TLC.

Producer Mark Burnett produced the Alaska show and is reported to be working with Palin on the new idea.

Palin’s first reality show was being reported to be costing TLC up to $1 million dollars an episode and after opening to great ratings, they steadily fell, and the network dedicated not to renew it for a second season.

Now Todd Palin has a new project and is asking for the same price tag. That along with Sarah Palin’s failing star power have hampered efforts to sell the new reality series.

At the conclusion of the Alaska series, long time Alaska resident and author Nick Jans commented that the show made clear Palin’s actual unfamiliarity with the outdoor Alaskan lifestyle, observing that most of the supposed adventures on which Palin and her family embarked were “guided trips aimed at mass market tourists … requiring no skills beyond a pulse and the ability to open your wallet.”

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