Renee Graziano Has Complete Nervous Breakdown On Mob Wives

Mob Wives reality star Renee Graziano is suffering from a heartache after having a nervous breakdown, and it was all caught on camera when she learned of her father’s arrest by federal agents.

It was difficult to watch this episode because Renee Graziano began crying, “Please don’t let them take my father!” before hanging up the phone and starting to scream hysterically. “They’re taking my dad! The feds are taking my dad!” she said while pacing in her kitchen before completely breaking down.

Her father, Anthony “TG” Graziano, is allegedly a high-ranking Bonanno crime-family member. The FBI began their investigation in January. Renee’s former husband, Junior Pagan, was wearing a wire for the feds in a conversation with his former father-in-law that helped the DEA’s case.

Pagan avoided jail time himself and has been placed into the witness protection program.

Renee told Us Weekly, “It literally felt like somebody broke my chest, took my heart and pulled it out of my body. Just horrible,” during a phone interview. “I trusted my life with [him],” Graziano says of Pagan.

Graziano admitted soon after the footage was taped, she became suicidal but now has forgiven her ex-husband. “If I don’t forgive, you’ll have hate … Forgive, but never forget,” she says.

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