Richard Hatch Denied $25 IRS Settlement

Richard Hatch, the first winner of “Survivor,” was denied a request to pay $25 instead of the court ordered 25% of his income in order to pay off his back tax bill from 2000 and 2001.

For winning “Survivor” in 2000, Richard Hatch received a $1 million dollar grand prize and an additional $10,000 for appearing on the reunion show after the finale. He was later charged with failing to report the winnings from 2000 and his 2001 income to the IRS.

Subsequently, in 2006, he was sentenced to 51 months in federal prison in addition to three years of supervision after his prison release, after being convicted of “attempting to evade taxes” and “filing a false tax return.”

Last year he was sentenced to nine months in prison again for violating his supervised orders. Since his release in December of 2011, he claims to have earned only $500 and is trying to save money for an apartment and can’t afford to pay 25% of his income to the IRS for the month of Janruary.

His public defender says that Hatch’s agent and accountant already take 20% of what he earns, and he is currently relying on others for support.

Hatch has never pled guilty to the charges, but he tried to evade his tax payments, and has maintained he is innocent. For 15 years prior to “Survivor” he was a successful businessman running his own consultant and corporate training company.

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