Richard Simmons Worries Fans After Gaunt Appearance

Richard Simmons has assured fans through his representative that he is fit and well after his gaunt appearance on the “Dancing With the Stars” reality show. The eccentric fitness trainer acted as a celebrity coach to Cher’s son Chaz Bono on Monday’s episode, but left viewers concerned about his thin frame. His appearance sparked concerns for his health.

However, the star’s publicist insists the exercise guru has never been fitter and is exactly the same weight as when he released his hit exercise tape Sweatin’ to the Oldies in 1988.

“He’s actually at the weight he was when we launched the original Sweatin’ to the Oldies. He is completely healthy, happy and fit as a fiddle. He’s happy. Everything with him could not be better,” his rep said.

In 1948, Richard Simmons was born Milton Teagle in the state of Louisiana. After graduating from college and living in New York, he moved to Los Angeles where he was not impressed with the fitness centers. He soon changed all of that.

He had been overweight since childhood and realized the need for a gym where people could learn lifestyle habits and exercise needed to lose weight and maintain weight loss. The rest is history.

He is known as a high-energy, personable trainer and inspirer with questionable sexuality. Through his work, Richard Simmons has helped people lose an estimated 12,000,000 pounds. He’s the only fitness trainer that has accomplished such a goal.