Rick Springfield’s No Contest Plea DUI

Rick Springfield probably got off easy, because he just wrapped up his DUI case by pleading no contest to reckless driving, thereby avoiding time behind bars related to a 2011 arrest in Malibu.

The “Jessie’s Girl” singer, who was pulled over May 1 of last year for speeding on Pacfic Coast Highway, will serve three years’ probation and attend a three-month alcohol-education program, the district attorney’s office said.

Springfield, who did not attend Thursday’s hearing, was allegedly driving with a blood alcohol content of .10%, which exceeds the legal limit of .08%. Earlier that day, he’d appeared at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books.

Much like Randy Travis allegedly threatened to shoot and kill the officer who arrested him on suspicion of DWI earlier this week in Texas, Springfield reportedly threatened to kill a sheriff’s deputy if the officer had his classic 1963 Corvette Stingray towed. But authorities downplayed the significance of anything the pop singer might have said.

“Drunks say things all the time, and they say things that are ridiculous, notorious and vicious to cops,” L.A. County sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore told the Ministry in May.

“Our job is to get them off the street so they don’t hurt other people. We don’t take whatever they say seriously. It is rare that we get someone on a DUI that isn’t abusive.”

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