Ricki Lake Diets and Loses 20 Pounds

Ricki Lake Loses 20 Pounds – Ricki Lake revealed she’s lost about 20 pounds in the past six weeks on Monday night’s show. Great news for Ricki, the soon bride-to-be. Yahoo reported Lake is engaged to her boyfriend of 13 months and waiting to try on white dresses to see how many more pounds she can lose.

“I’m definitely a size six now,” she said.

“I’ll probably be a size four by the end of it. It’s come to the point where it doesn’t matter. I no longer wear Spanx.”

She also eats “a balanced meal” on top of the five hours of rehearsal to keep her slimmed down figure. The talk show host said she eats healthy, hearty breakfasts like oatmeal and vegetable omelets, and is “obsessed with gazpacho.”

And the 43-year-old isn’t the only one this season losing weight. Nancy Grace is coming in close at 16 pounds while Chaz Bono said he lost five pounds within the first six days of rehearsal.

Lake is partnered with the first three-time champion Derek Hough, citing Kirstie Alley as an inspiration to lose the weight on the show. Lake is best known for her starring role as Tracy Turnblad in the original Hairspray and for her talk show.

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