Ricky Gervais “Life’s Too Short” On HBO

Ricky Gervais returns to HBO in an unreal documentary called “Life’s Too Short” to feature “Star Wars” actor Warwick Davis and a few friends as guest stars.

The “Life’s Too Short,” sitcom series was created and written by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant; It is a fictional documentary about Davis’ life as a little person who is a struggling actor who is finding it hard to get back into the spotlight.

Davis will be playing a transposed version of himself, who runs “Dwarves for Hire,” which is a talent agency for little people. However, he usually takes the roles for himself rather than called other actors. In addition, Davis is the vice chairman of a society for little people.

Every episode of “Life’s Too Short,” will feature appearances from actors such as Steve Carell, Johnny Depp, Sting, Liam Neeson, Helena Bonham Carter, Cat Deeley from “So You Think You Can Dance,” and Gervais and Merchant will be in supporting roles as themselves.

Additional cast regulars on the comedy show will include Rosamund Hanson as Davis’ idiotic assistant, Steve Brody as his inadequate accountant, Shaun Williamson as himself, and Jo Enright as Sue, who is Davis’ future ex-wife.

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