Rihanna Caused Chris Brown Fight With Drake?

Aren’t we over the whole Rihanna and Chris Brown thing by now? According to some sources, it was the reason why a big fight broke out in the same room with Drake, and I can’t figure out if these are just filthy rich kids who need to get a life, or a publicity stunt to make them look tough.

The sad part of this is, people got hurt, as at least five people were in the brawl that involved punches and bottles being thrown in the basement of a trendy club in Manhattan during the early-morning hours on Thursday.

These are the people that should really be home in bed and not wandering the streets to pick fights. If I was their record label, I would come down hard, very hard, because this is nothing but juvenile behavior. These people have a lot to learn in life, and I wish people would get it by now: Thug life is a myth already.

Grow some real balls and have a life for a change. The entourage is nice, it must make these rappers feel important and special, but the entourage will run quickly when the money dries up. It does happen, trust me on this one, they are just there for the freebies.

The brawl apparently began when Brown sent a bottle over to Drake’s table, a gesture that was not well received, according to Russell Simmons’ hip-hop blog Global Grind.

Drake “went face to face in the club with Chris [Brown] and began arguing about Rihanna,” Global Grind reports. “Some believe Meek Mill may have instigated the fight.” Mill was reportedly hanging out with Drake at the club.

As the argument escalated, Drake allegedly punched Chris Brown in the face and struck him across the chin with a bottle, Global Grind reports. A full-on brawl then broke out between members of the rappers’ posses.

By the time police showed up between 4 and 5 a.m., Chris Brown, Drake, and Meek Mill had apparently already left the club, according to MTV. No one was arrested, but members of both rappers’ posses could possibly be charged with assault and battery if there’s enough evidence.

Chris Brown could conceivably file a police report against Drake for the alleged bottle to the chin, or pursue a civil lawsuit. But as with other celebrities, he may just continue the feud on Twitter. How fun.

“Bottles? It’s nothing!” Chris Brown said in a tweet after the fight, accompanied by a photo of a bloody gash on his chin. “Throwing bottles like girls? #shameonya!”

Next time, just stay home.

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