Rihanna Talking To Chris Brown In Tweets On Twitter

Rihanna Chris Brown – Rihanna is talking to Chris Brown in tweets on Twitter, and many people, especially women who were in abusive relationships, are wondering why she’s communicating with him in the first place.

Some fans suggest that the former couple might be getting back together again and it was recently found out that they only live a few blocks from each other after Brown purchased a new place near Rihanna’s home.

Does anyone else see a problem with this? A man who abuses his girlfriend, then beats her up, and has shown nothing but violent tempers ever since. For example, when he was on Good Morning America and broke a window with a chair. Afterwards, he took off his shirt and ran out of the building, yelling at cameras.

And now Rihanna wants to communicate with the bad boy again? Are you kidding me? Hey, I like the man’s music and even bought his latest album, but his personal life bothers me.

I rememberer when Chris walked into a Walmart store and started throwing CDs around because they weren’t selling his album. This was back in 2010. The singer should be lucky that it’s available in retail stores right now.

On Thursday, the former couple began writing random tweets that seem to be coincide with each other. It was clear who they were for and that the two singers were communicating.

Chris assaulted Rihanna three years ago, which led to his arrest after turning himself in to the Los Angeles Police Department. While there are no signs that the two have reconciled their former relationship, most people are questioning the tweets, and why she would put to associate with him.

Brown received a year of counseling for domestic violence, community service for six months, probation for five years, and a five-year restraining that requires him to stay at least 50 yards from the “Disturbia” artist, 10 yards at public events.

According to a 2009 interview with Larry King, Chris stated that he does not remember assaulting Rihanna, his former girlfriend, but he does acknowledge that it happen.

During an interview on Good Morning America, the pop princess admitted that this was not the first time he had been abusive to her, information that was kept secret until recently. She didn’t go into details about the abuse.

Rihanna realizes that she has to set an example for all the young girls who are dealing with the same abuse. She might want him back, but are those feelings of control or love? Brown says he has changed since the incident.

Here’s a video of Rihanna in one of the interviews.

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