Rihanna Rushed To Hospital Following Alcohol Binge

Singer Rihanna became so intoxicated while attending the Met Gala Ball that she had to be rushed to a New York City hospital, and some say she was on an alcohol binge for several days, which is a poor way to celebrate the fashion industry.

Rihanna was said to be fine when she was walking the red carpet at the event, but once inside started drinking heavily and acting oddly. The tabloid, The Star speculated that this was actually the culmination of weeks of partying by Rihanna, who was upset over the fact ex-boyfriend Chris Brown had recently got a tattoo of the image of his new girlfriend Karrueche Tran.

“When Chris got the tattoo,” a source alleges to Star, “Rihanna freaked out. She’s been obsessed with the thought that he’s going to marry Karrueche, and she’ll never be able to get back with him. She’s heartbroken and in a bad place.”

Whether or not the Star report is true, Rihanna has done nothing but fuel speculation herself by posting a picture of herself at the hospital hooked up to an IV and claimed to be there for dehydration and exhaustion.

She had also been tweeting photo’s with strange captions while she was at the Met Gala leading to speculation that there was something wrong.

A source also reported to TMZ that “Saturday Night Live” producer Lorne Michaels was upset with Rihanna after missing a dress rehearsal on Saturday when she called to say she was not feeling well but when she later showed up for the live show she seemed to be just fine.

Another alarming photo that was posted by Rihanna to Instagram recently was of her on the shoulders of her body guard at the Coachella event, lining what aboard to be a white powder on his bald head, with a caption that read, “Memories don’t live like people do #coachella.” And other photo’s of her dancing with strippers at a club with a caption that read, “My daddy would be proud.”

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