Rihanna Unveils White Powder In Coachella Photos

R&B singer Rihanna is facing another scandal involving some white power substance found in some recent photos. Rihanna was first under the radar when a photo of her smoking a marijuana surfaced, but now there are photos of powder and what appears to be a “cutter” in her left hand. The photos were published to her Instagram account, but they’ve been deleted since the scandal broke.

The singer appears to be on the shoulders of her bodyguard from last weekend’s Coachella 2012 festival. The cocaine is allegedly on the man’s bald head. Some media outlets have zoomed in on the photo and have reported that it is the alleged drug.

The description of the photo read: “Memories don’t live like people do #coachella.”

Rihanna is at the height of her career, but doing something illegal and taking a photo of it is something that can tarnish it forever. On the other hand, someone like her, who knows how famous she is, must have thought she would end up in all the papers if she pulled a stunt like this. It could just be a PR stunt meant to boost the headlines since she’s trying to draw attention.

It doesn’t take much for her fans to walk away, which is why this publicity can be damaging to her reputation and record sales.

Rihanna has a lot of fans that look up to her and if she hurts them, it can be damaging.

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