Rihanna Video Banned For Self-Destructive Behavior

Rihanna Video – Rihanna’s latest “We Found Love” music video has been banned in France.

Officials in the country have cited it as a depiction of “self-destructive” behavior. In addition, they added that there are scenes of “pronounced suggestive” content among the footage.  

They have barred it from being aired before 10pm. “We Found Love” has particularly drawn controversy by appearing to allude to her abusive relationship with ex-boyfriend Chris Brown.

Authorities in France even believe it could inspire ‘self-destructive behavior’. The promo details a destructive relationship between a couple – played by Rihanna and model Dudley O’Shaughnessy – and features shoplifting, smoking and the singer being slapped on the bottom.

Rihanna is no stranger to having her videos banned or censored. Her suggestive video for “S&M” faced bans in more than 10 countries.

However, in France, the song debuted on the November 29, 2011 French Singles Chart at number twenty-two and eventually peaked at number three for two consecutive weeks.

The singer was in the UK over the weekend performing “We Found Love” on “X Factor UK,” where the song remains No. 1 on the UK Charts. She also performed the track last week on the US version of “The X Factor.”

There have also been concerns that the notoriously provocative star has taken things too far with Talk That Talk, which is said to be her raunchiest album yet. Bans on this song are sure to come.