Robert De Niro Welcomes New Baby at Age 68

Robert De Niro – Grace Hightower and Robert De Niro welcome Helen Grace weighing in at 7 pounds, 2 ounces, the newest baby to the family. The new girl was born by a surrogate mother, according to a representative. This also means Drena, 40, is now a sister again.

Drena, also an actress, is the daughter from De Niro’s first wife with actress Diahnne Abbott. She was adopted at age 5 in 1976 who became a big sister when Raphael, her brother, was born. He’s now in real estate, and people claim he has his father’s facial features, including his nose.

A pair of twins were born in 1995. The brothers are Julian Henry and Aaron Kendri. Robert fathered the boys through in vitro fertilization with longtime girlfriend Toukie Smith, who was the surrogate mother. Then in 1998, he and Hightower had Elliot.

De Niro spoke directly with the Daily Mail before the birth of his latest baby. He said he had “five of them, ranging in age from 14 to their 30s, by three mothers.” He called it a “fractionalized family.”

Robert was quoted for decades saying he enjoyed the “italian thing” when it came to families and the importance of “family togetherness.”

Robert De Niro has been so fortunate that he has one family living in different apartments and says it’s a privilege if you can do it.

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