Producer Robert “Joe” Halderman Emmy Nomination

Robert “Joe” Halderman emmy nomination. Halderman is the same Robert “Joe” that tried to shake down David Letterman, and now he’s up for an emmy. Robert “Joe” Halderman is a former CBS television producer demanded $2 million in hush money to reveal information about Letterman.

Halderman, a former CBS television producer, is the same man who tried to shake down David Letterman over the talk show host’s romantic affairs. He was nominated for a News and Documentary Emmy Award for the work he did producing “American Girl, Italian Nightmare,” on “48 Hours Mystery.” The story focused on an American exchange student, Amanda Knox, charged with murder in Italy.

Joe Halderman admitted in March that he demanded $2 million in hush money last fall to keep from revealing personal information about Letterman. In fact, he buttressed the threat with information he’d culled from peeking at a former girlfriend’s diary, which described a relationship with her boss, David Letterman. He began a six-month jail sentence in May.

The producer no longer has his job at CBS. The network, which also hosts Letterman’s show, has declined to say whether he quit or was fired. The “48 Hours” story is nominated in the category of best continuing coverage of a news story by a newsmagazine.