Robin Roberts Good Morning America Host Departs For Extended Medical Leave

Robin Roberts from Good Morning America had planned to leave Friday in order to take an extended medical leave, but now that departure is a little earlier than expected in order to tend to her ailing mother.

“Our beloved mother … has had some health issues recently,” she said, “and it’s gotten to the point that Sally-Ann and I need to get home, so I’m leaving a day early for that.”

On Thursday, the host explained that she was leaving the ABC show to head home to Mississippi along with her older sister, Sally-Ann, to visit their 88-year-old mother, “the matriarch of our family,” she told viewers Thursday.

The extended medical leave follows Roberts’ announcement in June that she’s been diagnosed with MDS, a rare blood disorder that affects one’s bone marrow. Thankfully, her sister Sally-Ann is a bone marrow match, and the TV host is scheduled to start her treatments for a bone marrow transplant next week.

“There’s a point that really resonates with me when I think about this time of my life. Life provides losses and heartbreak for all of us, but the greatest tragedy is to have the experience and miss the meaning,” Roberts said. “I am determined not to miss that meaning, because through it I have discovered that I have been given many gifts, gifts that will carry me through this difficult time.”

She plans to be back on “Good Morning America” as soon as she can.

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