​Rod Stewart Time Album Lyrics Came From Separation

Staff Reporter
Aug. 5, 2014

Rod Stewart uses separation from current wife, Penny Lancaster, to write a track in his newly released album.

The 68-year-old rocker recently revealed that he, and Lancaster had a two-week separation that inspired a track in his new album.

Speaking to Australian magazine Life, Rod said, “I cover Tom Waits’ Picture In A Frame. Penny and I broke up for two weeks, and the song is about that time.

“I asked her for a photo of herself in a frame so that I could see her when I went to bed and when I woke up.”

Looking back on his life Rod added, “There was a point in my career where I’d given up on song writing because I didn’t think I had anything to say, and I was getting lazy… then I realised I had a lot to write about.”

“There’s a song about divorce – which I know a great deal about! There are songs about starting out in showbiz and the support I got from my dad, and tributes of my children.”

The “Time” single, “She Makes Me Happy”, is currently No. 14 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart in North America.

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