​Ronnie Magro Body Transformation In Just 4 Weeks (SEE PHOTOS)

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June 1, 2021

Ronnie Magro has unveiled his new body transformation after dieting and exercise. The Jersey Shore star gained some extra weight last year, but it seems Magro changed his bad habits and began working out.

“I really let myself go after I got sick last year. It’s been a long road. I am nowhere I want to be shape wise, but i feel better than i ever did,” he posted with the pic.

It seems a temporary sickness of kidney stones knocked Margro out of shape, according to MTV. Now the reality star is back in the gym and is looking buffed. Moreover, it’s all happening fast, and it only took 4 weeks.

The 28-year-old has been hitting the weights pretty hard and is busting out with abs already. That’s a lot of work is such a short amount of time. Some fans are speculating that he may come out with a weight loss product, or a training video for people who want to build muscle.

Might as well since there won’t be any future Jersey Shore series. It seems everyone has moved on since the show was cancelled by MTV. Some are having children, others are getting married.